Today the hottest topics around the world is climate change. Climate change is threatening lives on Earth. The results of climate change is awfully dangerous. Climate change results in adverse change in the environment and negative impact on the living beings.

Over the last couple of decades, Earth has become warner because of climate change. The most important impact of climate change is global warming.

Global warming leads to various changes in the Earth. For example, rise of sea level, excessive rainfall, sudden flood in different areas, melting ice, fluctuations of change in seasons, etc.

There are so many reasons for global warming which causes the climate to change. Such as- deforestation, burning if fossil fuels, emission of carbon and many other activities.

The temperature of earth is increasing alarmingly and that’s why sea level is rising and people living at the sea shore are in danger. Because of emission of carbon, the ozone layer is getting destroyed. And as a result, UV rays are directly entering earth which is very much harmful for people.

We need to prevent global warming to lead a peaceful and happy life. More and more trees should be planted. Emission of carbon should be reduced and the most important is, we should look an alternative of fossil fuel. If we cannot control climate change and global warming, the end of near.


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