Computer is one of the most important inventions of modern science. Computer helps us to accomplish different sorts of work easily.

Computer was invented by an English mathematician called Charles Babbage. He invented two types of computer called analytical engine and differential engine in 1830. Later, professor Howard Akin of Harvard university invented modern computer in 1944.

Computer works wonderfully and effectively. The fastest computers can solve complex mathematical problems quickly and accurately.

Computer is the most important media of education in developed countries. Teachers and students use computer to prepare their study materials. The results of various examinations are prepared accurately with the help of computer.

Nowadays trade, business and commerce cannot be thought of without a computer. Today design and printing cannot be done without computer.

Computer and internet work together. With the help of internet we can communicate with the people of different countries within a moment. Through internet and computer we can send and receive email, image, text, file, video etc. across the world within the twinkle of an eye.

Computer is very important in education sector. Now-a-days students and teachers can’t think of their study and research without computer and internet. At the time of pandemic of covid-19 schools, colleges and universities are closed for sine die. In this situation internet is helping us to continue our study. Computer is used in all spheres of our life. It is used in education, medical science, agricultural, commerce, printing and industrial sector etc. It has lessened our work and made our life easy and comfortable.

Though computer has so many merits it has some demerits too. It cause problem to the eyesight of the user. It also causes back pain to the users. It also can cause great disaster if there is any wrong in programming.

Computers are widely used in medical sector for diagnosis and treatment, banks, government and private offices, NGO’S, business houses, publishing and printing houses etc.

Army, navy and air force use computer and special software in modern war to beat their opponent. Drone is controlled by computer. Multi role combat aircraft show their best performance with the help of computer technology. Submarine also use computer to perform their best. All types of missiles use computer technology to hit the target.

Young and educated people of Bangladesh are earning a lot by using computer. With the help of computer and internet they could employ themselves in IT sector. They are working as freelancers in different international market place and earning dollars.

In fine it can be said that computer is a part and parcel now-a-days in our day to day life.


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